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Monsoon Storm Pool Care

Monsoon season is here in AZ and it lasts from July to September.

High winds and dust storms are cause for concern with your pool - the high winds have the potential to lift large amounts of dust into the air, which inevitably lands in the pool…along with leaves, debris, and even your pool umbrella!

monsoon pool cleaning

If a storm comes through, it's hard on your pool. Don't let things sit for days waiting for your pool guy to come by - it could be a bigger problem by the time they get there on weekly rounds.

Yes, we want to take care of your pool for you, but if it is full of leaves and dirt, you will want to do this right away:

1. Turn On The Pump

Turn on your pump + equipment and let it run for 24 hours after a monsoon storm. If you can, turn on the pump before the storm so it can run during and after to clean out the dirt.

2. Sweep The Pool

Sweep the pool and clean the baskets of debris so water can move through the pool filters. If you know ahead of time, cleaning the basket before the storm comes will help.

3. Check The Filters

Exceptionally bad storm? Check your filters after the storm, you might want to clean them in between your regular maintenance schedule.

4. Check The Chemical Levels

Check your chemical levels. If you want to swim in the pool before your normal maintenance day, you’ll want to sanitize or shock your pool - depending on what your chemical levels are.

If you find something you can't handle, then by all means - contact your pool guy!

If that's us, give us a call at: 480-682-7986

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