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Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer

The first warm days of spring, and pool owners are thinking about getting their pool ready to swim. If you have a pool service company, they have been maintaining your pool year and round and it’s ready for swimmers anytime (even if you’re not ready to jump in!)

But if you take care of your own pool, here is what you should do to make it ready for summer swimming. After all, if your pool equipment isn’t running 100% perfectly during the winter, it may be ok…but that isn’t going to be good enough for summer swimming season.

1. Remove Leaves + Debris

  • Brush and vacuum the sides/bottom of your pool and skim the surface. Get any leaves and debris out of the pool. Is there calcium buildup around the water line that you want to get rid of? Now is the time to address it.

2. Perform An Equipment Test.

  • Turn on your pool pump, waterfall, etc. Make sure all your pool equipment is running and working. Is your filter pressure looking good? How about your salt cell?

3. Basic Inspection.

  • So your equipment is working - but you still want to make sure it’s not leaking. Perform a visual inspection. Is it wet or damp around the equipment?

4. Clean The Filter.

  • Even if you haven’t been swimming all season, it’s still a good idea to clean the filter - a clean filter helps your equipment perform more effectively.

5. Test Water Chemistry.

  • Bad water chemistry can mean algae and dangerous swimming conditions. Test the phosphate levels, stabilizer levels, chlorine/ph/alkalinity, calcium and ads levels. Do you need the water changed to completely reset the water chemistry levels? If so, now is the time to do it.

6. Set Weekly Cleaning Schedule

  • Each week your pool needs to have the sides brushed, water skimmed, basket filter emptied and chemical levels checked. Start now, and get into a weekly schedule. (If you want someone else to care of this for you, just give us a call!)

7. Set Equipment Run Times For Summer

  • Different weather means your equipment needs to run on a different schedule. If you’re unsure what your schedule should be, give us a call and we can do a pool orientation for you.

8. Check Pool Safety Items

  • Do you have a first aid kit nearby and does it have everything in it? Are your gate locks, door locks and pool alarms in working order?

These few simple steps will get you ready for summer swimming, lounging and enjoying your beautiful pool!

If you’ve been thinking of upgrading to a variable speed pool pump - or maybe you want to convert from a standard chlorine system to a salt generator - don’t delay in calling to schedule with Sunset Pool Care: 480-682-7986

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