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Green Pool? How to Clean It Up.

Algae grows faster in the summer, and can give your pool water a green hue. That green hue means the algae has temporarily taken over and begun to grow, but you CAN get back to swimming with a bit of proper cleaning.

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On the other hand, if your pool is so green that you can’t see the bottom - it may be time to call the experts.

While cleaning up a green pool may seem like a daunting task, it can take as little as 5 days or less. Here’s how to do it:

Start by Cleaning Up Debris

If you can see it, it needs to be removed from the water. That means skimming the surface and vacuuming the bottom of the pool, especially if scrubbing the sides and bottom of the pool has left dead algae on the bottom.

Check Your Filter System

Clear out debris and anything else that may be clogging the filter. It may be time to clean the filters, or backwash them to get them working well, especially if you need to add chemicals to balance the pool.

Check Your Chemicals

Test the chlorine and pH levels of your pool to determine the extent of the problem. Balancing the chemistry of the pool can help solve the problem.

If the chlorine levels drop below 1 ppm, it can cause algae to grow in the pool, turning the water green.

Bring the pH level to about 7.8 by adding either an acid or a base, then turn on your pump so the chemicals can circulate throughout the pool. This level is nighter than the normal range you want when swimming, but necessary to treat algae growth.

Brush the Sides and Bottom of the Pool

Even if you don’t see algae, it will cling to the surfaces of your pool. By scrubbing the sides and bottom, you can break up the algae and remove it from surfaces so the chemicals work faster. If you can see dead algae on the bottom of the pool after brushing the sides, make sure to use your pool vacuum to get it out.

Look for Hiding Algae Spots

Algae loves the sides of your pool, especially near the waterline, rim, and under rock fountains. Actually it just loves your pool, but regular brushing of the sides and bottom will take care of most of it. It’s the spots that are hard to reach with a pool brush that can turn into dark green spots.

If you find any spots, use your pool brush to get in there and brush it off.

Now that the pool is back to swimmable, let’s take a look at your pool cleaning habits. It’s important to stay on top of weekly cleaning so the algae doesn’t come back.

Weekly cleaning should include: skimming, basket cleaning, filter check, brushing the sides and bottom, and checking chemicals. Or, you can hire a pool cleaning service company to come do it for you.

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