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Time To Check Your Pool Phosphate Level

We’re doing a lot of phosphate removal right now. A good pool service company will watch and manage your phosphate levels for you, but if you take care of your own pool it’s time to get it checked.

pool phosphate level check

Phosphates are nutrients and organic materials in water that increase algae growth. They are not toxic or harmful, but you still don’t want them in your pool give algae a chance to grow.

What leaves phosphates in your pool?

  • Dirt

  • Leaves

  • Makeup

  • Lotions

  • Pets

Pool owners don’t usually complain about phosphates being in their pool until their pool is green. But phosphates are always in your swimming pool, even when there are is no sign of algae.

Testing for phosphates can be as easy as a packet of powder dissolved in pool water, or a test strip that you can get from your local pool supply store. Phosphate test kits are separate from other pool chemical measurement kits.

Regularly checking your pool water chemistry is an important part of pool maintenance. But if you’re ready for someone else take over, we’re always happy to help! 📞 480-682-7986

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