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What Pool Owners Need To Know About Pool Filters

With swimming season getting into full swing in Arizona, we get many questions about pool filters. During the winter when no one is swimming, filters are not much concern. But as you start using the pool, your pool filters need attention.

What Type of Pool Filter Do I Have?

There are 3 common types of pool filters: Sand filter, cartridge filter and DE filters. Each have their pros and cons, the choice of filter is largely up to the homeowner building the pool.

pool filter types - Photo Credit:

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How Often Should I Clean My Pool Filter?

  • Cartridge Filter: clean every 3 - 6 months

  • Sand Filter: clean when the pressure gauge on the filter is reading 8-10 lbs above normal operating level

  • DE Filter: clean when the filter's gauge is reading 10 psi above normal operating level

Clean your filters more frequently if:

  • If you have lots of leaves and debris that fall into your pool regularly, clean your filter more often

  • If you have lots of guests over and your pool gets used frequently, clean your filter more often

  • If you have a pet that swims in your pool, clean your filter more often

Which Filter Keeps A Pool The Clearest?

I believe a cartridge filter keeps a pool water clearest, but there are new sand filters that can rival the cartridge filter. If you're having trouble deciding between cartridge or sand pool filter, read more here.

How Old Is My Pool Filter?

We don't know - how old is your pool? Filters can last 10-15 years in some cases.

While we probably can't look at your filter and tell you how old it is - we can tell you if it needs to be replaced. The telltale signs are:

  • It's time to replace your pool filter if it breaks (fiberglass can get old and crack from the effects of harsh sun)

  • It's time to replace your pool filter if after you clean your cartridge and put back together - it leaks.

These are pictures of filters that need to be replaced:

time to replace pool filter
how old is my pool filter?

dirty pool filter

How Much Does It Cost To Clean a Pool Filter?

If you clean it yourself, it only costs your time and water to backwash or spray the filter. If you would like a pool service professional to come clean your pool filters, it could be $75 - $100. Give us a call for an estimate: 480-682-7986.

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