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What Realtors Wish You Knew About Your Pool

Before you put your home up for sale, it's important to do a number of things inside your home. But don't forget about the outside - especially the pool. How your pool looks can be a deal-breaker for potential home buyers.

Here's what your realtor wishes you knew:

1. Clean your pool before the house goes on the market.

"Dirty pools DON'T SELL," says Realtor Kristi Kenney, Exp Realty. "If the pool has calcification, residue buildup, or other visible problems, it needs to be taken care of."

2. Home sellers MUST maintain their pools weekly during the listing period.

Leaves in the water, a few rocks on the bottom? Get it out of there. Give the pool a weekly cleaning, and in addition, do a once-over visual check before any open house or showing.

3. Update the fence or ensure it is up to current legal regulations (fencing, alarms, door locks and more).

Each city has their own laws and regulations, so be sure to check them. Otherwise, the inspector will be sure to let a potential home buyer know - and this could come back and hit you in the wallet.

Keeping pools clean while trudging through the process of selling your home might seem overwhelming when you think of all the other things you need to do, too.

That's why hiring a pool company to evaluate your pool before putting your home on the market, and having them do weekly maintenance is a good idea. Need help? Call Sunset Pool Care: 480-682-7986

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