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When Is It Time to Call For Pool Repair & Service?

There are some pool maintenance tasks and simple swimming pool repair that you might do yourself, but there will be times when you need to call a professional. When problems arise, it's best to act quickly to solve them and prevent further costly repairs or equipment replacement.

Over time, pool equipment can lose performance efficiency or break down due to overuse. Common equipment problems include malfunctioning or broken pool pumps and pool filters. Heaters easily break down without proper maintenance as well.

Professional swimming pool repair and service companies can either fix or replace your pool equipment. They can check if the equipment can still be repaired, or if you need to completely replace it and buy new equipment.

Most Common Pool Repairs:

  • Pool Pump Repair: when you hear screeching or grinning noises, see leaks or rust, or see something out of the ordinary it is time to have your pump and motor looked at

  • Pool Plumbing Repair: when you have questions over a high water bill that can’t be attributed to extra lawn watering, or teenagers taking extra long showers it is time to have your pool plumbing evaluated

  • Pool Acid Washing: when regular pool maintenance has been neglected, your pool water is green, or you can no longer see the bottom of your pool, it is time to discuss a pool acid washing with your pool service professional

  • Pool Heater Repair

  • Water Feature Repair: when you see reduced water flow (or total failure) with water jet streams, flows, fountains, bubbles, scuppers, or sconces, call us and we can diagnose the problem

If you are having an issue with your pool or equipment, be on the safe side and call an expert for a more accurate diagnosis. With years of experience, Sunset Pool Care will get to the center of your pool repair problems in no time. We provide clear explanations and alternative repair solutions so you can make the right decisions for your pool.

Schedule a Free Pool Evaluation 📞 480-682-7986

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