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Why You Need A Variable Speed Pool Pump

It's the start of swimming season here in Chandler, Gilbert Arizona and we're seeing lots of clients switching to variable speed pool pumps. Why? Lots of reasons, but these are the biggest:

why variable speed pool pumps are better

1. Pool owners are upgrading to a variable speed pool pump instead of fixing single speed pump. Fixing a single speed pump (or an old pump) can cost more in the long run if they fail again, and they cause more wear/tear on other pool equipment than a variable speed pump.

2. Pool owners want more control over how their pool operates - times/settings/speed. Clients want to have more control over the pool, like how fast/slow the water fall runs.

3. Pool owners like saving money on energy costs.

Q: What makes variable speed pool pumps better than single speed pool pumps?


  • Energy cost to run a variable speed pool pump is half as much as a single speed pool pump

  • Variable speed pool pumps are easier on your equipment. Because it can run on lower speeds, there is less wear and tear on the pool filter, plumbing and other equipment.

  • You get better water quality by filtering water a lower speed with a variable pump.

Q: How much is a variable speed pool pump?

A: The cost to install a variable speed pool pump depends on the pool, but on average it is $1600 for the pump and labor to replace a single speed pool pump with a variable speed pool pump.

Is it time to upgrade your pool to a variable speed pool pump? Give us a call to schedule your pool pump replacement: 480-682-7986

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