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Pool Service in Chandler, Gilbert

At Sunset Pool Care we pride ourselves on customer service and attention to detail. We are a full-service pool care company that understands the importance of weekly pool service and maintenance to keep a pool in excellent working order.

pool service, maintenance & proper chemical balance

Weekly Pool Service Includes:

  • Chemical testing 

  • Basket cleaning

  • Skim pool

  • Brush tile, walls, and steps

  • Filter, pump and equipment check

  • Email after each service detailing what has been done, and any notes for you

Call for a Quote / Schedule Service

When we visit your pool each week, you can expect us to be professional and courteous. We will always be respectful of your time, your property, and even your backyard pets. When you entrust your pool service, cleaning and maintenance to us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your experience will be hassle-free and easy.

All You Have To Do Is Swim!

We Take Care of the Rest...

pool service Gilbert, AZ

Chemical Testing and Balancing

We test the PH balance in your pool each week and adjust chemicals as necessary to keep your pool clean and ready for swimming.

Basket Cleaning

No worries if last night's monsoon blew everything but the roof into your pool.  We'll clean out the baskets each week so that your pool can operate as efficiently as possible.

Skim Pool

Whatever we don't find in the baskets, we'll skim out of the pool.

Brush Tile/Walls/Steps

Each week we will brush the sides, steps and water line of your pool to remove dirt and algae to prevent stains and the ominous "green pool" appearance.

Filter, Pump and Equipment Check

We are firm believers that the best approach is to be proactive and to make sure everything works as it should. Weekly equipment checks enable us to stay on top of potential problems... and save you time and money in the long run.

Emailed Notes & Pictures After Each Service

After we have serviced your pool we will send a detailed email to let you know that we have been there and what we did that week. If we add chemicals, backwashed, cleaned your salt cell or noticed a leak at the pump... it's in the email. It's our way of demonstrating our commitment to providing you with the best communication and the best service possible.

What Customers Say About Us

“Sunset Pool Care has been taking care of my pool for the last few months and I couldn’t be more pleased. The pool looks amazing. They send me pictures after each service on a weekly basis. It feels so nice not to have to worry about chemicals and maintaining the pool.”

— Joni D.

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