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Pool Acid Washing in Chandler, Gilbert

Unsightly stains and discoloration in the bottom of a pool develop from hard water, minerals, chlorine, dirt or algae. Pebble tec and plaster pools benefit from periodic draining, pool acid washing and refilling.


Acid Washing Service Includes:

  • Pool visit

  • Drain pool

  • Acid washing pool to strip stains, algae growth, dirt and calcium 

  • Careful cleanup afterwards so your refilled pool is safe and clean

Pool Types:

  • Pebble Tec Pools

  • Plaster Pools

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Get Rid Of Pool Stains With Acid Washing

Without regular maintenance, pool water will allow the growth of algae. After time, algae will stain the bottom of the pool. If your water has begun to look murky and unusually green or black, it's definitely time for an acid wash. 

Even if the water doesn't look murky, Arizona pools need to be drained, cleaned and refilled every 5 - 7 years due to increasing levels of chemicals, total dissolved solids, and bacteria. 

Stains or discoloration happen over time - even with regular pool maintenance, pools still develop a thin layer of dirt, calcium and mineral deposits.

You shouldn't worry about whether your pool water is safe for swimming - it's worth consulting a professional to determine if it's time for a pool acid wash.


While you can acid wash the pool yourself with chemicals from the pool supply store, if done wrong it could seriously damage your pool or injure yourself. The process requires protective gear due the nature of chemicals that can burn skin or cause respiratory damage if inhaled. This is a dirty job, but one that we do extremely well ... so you don't have to!

Pool Acid Washing Process

  1. We visit your pool to determine how deep of a cleaning is needed

  2. We drain your pool

  3. Our technicians use appropriate safety gear to properly acid wash your pool and strip mineral stains, algae growth, and the fine layer of dirt and calcium on the sides and bottom of your pool

  4. We ensure everything is cleaned up carefully + properly so your refilled pool water will be safe and clean


Safe for pebble tec and plaster pools, our acid washing process will brighten the interior of the pool, lighten and eliminate stains and kill hidden bacteria and algae.

Instead of looking at stains and buildup in your pool hiding water deposits, mold + mildew, or spending an entire weekend scrubbing with little result, let us come take care of it for you.

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