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Pool Orientation for Chandler, Gilbert Pool Owners

free pool orientaton

Confused about your pool? Call to set up an appointment for a pool orientation. One of our pool professionals will label your equipment and teach you everything you need to know to operate your own pool. 

pool maintenance & proper chemical balance

Pool Orientation Takes 30 - 60 Minutes.

We Will Show You:

  • How Your Pool Equipment Works.​

  • Proper Chemical Balancing Practices.​

  • How to effectively Brush, Skim, Clean Filters and more, to maintain a healthy, clean and beautiful swimming pool.

  • ​We will labeling all equipment and plumbing - so you know where (and which direction) the water is flowing.

We offer a new pool orientation with the hopes of building a relationships with Gilbert and Chandler pool owners. We are confident that after an orientation with one of our experts, we will be the company you call when a problem arises that is beyond your do-it-yourself abilities.

Call for a Pool Orientation

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