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Pool Inspection Experts for Chandler, Gilbert 

Did you know home inspectors are not qualified to do a comprehensive pool inspection?


In many cases, problems with equipment can't be seen with a simple visual inspection.


Our certified technicians can correctly diagnose and provide in-depth analysis to equipment and other problems. 

Pool Inspections Include:

  • Detailed Reports

  • Digital Pictures (upon request)

  • Estimates for Necessary Repairs

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We strongly advise realtors and potential home buyers to have a thorough pool inspection done.


Our 10-point pool inspection include the interior surface of the pool, the decking, the electrical system, the filters, heaters, pumps, water chemistry, cleaning system, lighting, and the plumbing. They are thoroughly inspected for functionality and soundness. 


  1. Interior Surface of the Pool

  2. Decking

  3. Electrical System

  4. Filters

  5. Heaters

  6. Pumps

  7. Water Chemistry

  8. Cleaning System

  9. Lighting

  10. Plumbing


Equally important is having the pool checked for leaks.


From the City of Chandler, “Estimated that up to 30 percent of all pools have a leak, wasting lots of water unnecessarily. Since half of the pools out there have a fill valve (automatic pool refiller), leaks often go unnoticed not only occurring in aging pools but in new ones too.” 


A pool leak detection and pressure testing is extra, but can save you in the long run. If there is reason to suspect underground lines are leaking we would make the recommendation to perform pressure testing.

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