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Pool Tile Cleaning in Chandler, Gilbert

Even the cleanest of Arizona pools can develop a 'white line' of calcium buildup on the pool tile, hiding algae, mold and mildew.

Pool Tile Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Drain your pool

  • Glass bead blasting to remove the white calcium line, hard water deposits, and any mold + mildew

  • Careful cleanup afterwards so your refilled pool is safe and clean

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We Remove That Ugly White Calcium Line

Two types of scale cause a line that pool tile cleaning needs to address: calcium carbonate and calcium silicate. Both can be difficult to remove using natural cleaners, and you could spend an entire weekend scrubbing the pool with little to no results - and you may even end up with scratched, damaged tile. If you choose to use chemicals, they can then mix with pool water, raising safe water concerns.

We've tried all the newest, latest and greatest solutions for pool tile cleaning in our eight years of cleaning pools, but glass bead blasting is the most effective, and outperforms them all - pool tile looks like new when we're done!

Glass Bead Blasting Tile Cleaning Process


We use a mildly abrasive glass bead that removes the white calcium line along with mold, mildew and hard water deposits. The pool is drained prior to cleaning, and we ensure everything is cleaned up prior to refilling to keep your pool water safe and clean.

Pool Tiles That Look Like New

Watch video of glass bead blasting done by Sunset Pool Care.

In most cases the pool tile is restored to new or almost new condition. Our process is aggressive enough to remove the toughest stains and hard water deposits - yet gentle enough not to damage the tile or grout.

Instead of looking at that white line in your pool hiding water deposits, mold + mildew, or spending an entire weekend scrubbing with little result, let us come take care of it for you.

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