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How Often Should I Refill My Pool?

Many public swimming pools are drained and refilled 1-2 per year. However, for homeowners it’s very different.

how often should i refill my pool

There is a common disagreement between those who say that if your filtration system is working and your chemicals are balanced, you don’t need to refill your pool - ever. However, we’ve been cleaning pools for many years in Arizona and recommend changing the water in your swimming pool periodically. Why? Due to increasing levels of chemicals, total dissolved solids, and bacteria.

In Arizona, we recommend draining and refilling your pool every 3-5 years.

When your pool is drained, it’s a perfect time for a pool acid washing or a deep cleaning.

In addition to periodically draining and refilling your pool, there are other reasons to refill:

  • It's easier to balance and maintain water chemistry by starting with fresh water.

  • It's the only way to lower certain chemical levels when you are out of balance. For example: Salt or CYA (water conditioner)

  • Because calcium lines build up faster with hard water - and the older the water the faster the build up.

  • If you clean the white line on your pool tiles and leave the old water, the white line comes back faster - usually within months. Fresh water keeps that white line gone longer, at least a year.

If you would like to schedule a pool evaluation to see if it’s time to drain, refill or deep clean your pool, give us a call at 480-682-7986.

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