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Swimming Pool Overflowing From Rain? What To Do…

During monsoon season in Arizona, heavy rain can quickly fill up a backyard pool. But should you worry if your pool is overflowing, or near overflowing?

help, my pool is overflowing

While rare, it does happen and no, you shouldn’t worry. Rain overflowing your pool is just water that would have ended up in your yard anyway. The extra water means your pool leveler shuts off and won’t add water to your pool, and the extra water normally evaporates in a few days in the Arizona heat.

If you want to lower the water level in your pool, there are a few ways you can do it.

1. Filter Hose Spigot

If the pool filter pump has a built-in hose spigot, just attach a garden hose, put the other end of the hose into the drain area, then open the spigot and turn on the pool’s filter pump. Excess water will drain out of your pool. Be sure to watch your water level - turn off the pump and remove the hose when the water level is where you want it.

2. Pump Drain Plug

If the pump has a PVC drain plug on the body of the pool pump, you can remove it with a wrench. After removing the plug, turn on your pool’s pump. Again, be sure to watch your water level - turn off the pump and reinsert the plug.

3. Siphoning Water

Using a garden hose, you can choose to siphon the water out of the pool. Submerge one end of a hose in the water, then put the other end in your mouth and gently suck in. When the water is about halfway through the hose, put your end in the drain area - making sure it’s in an area lower than the pool.

4. Bailing Water

Bailing water with a bucket might not be a first choice, but it can be effective if you have a smaller pool. We recommend waiting until the storm (and lightening) has passed before submerging yourself in the water while bailing it out.

5. We Can Bring Out a Pump

If all the above seems like a daunting task - your pool cleaning service can bring out a motorized pump and lower your water level for you. Need help? Give us a call: 480-682-7986.

Monitoring Pool Chemistry

Pool water relies on carefully balanced chemicals to maintain clear, clean, healthy water. If the pool overflows, it’s time to shock the pool with chlorine and re-adjust pH and chemical levels.

In addition, if the pool was contaminated with debris or dirty water, the debris needs to be cleaned out - and likely the filter needs to be cleaned.

Need help with your pool? In Chandler or Gilbert AZ? Give Sunset Pool Care a call: 480-682-7986

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