Pool Repair + Equipment Installation in Chandler, Gilbert

Our expert technicians can fix most broken and malfunctioning equipment issues including pool pumps. Sometimes replacing a part is the only solution, and we can do that too.

Pool Repair:

  • Pool Pump Repair

  • Pool Pump Drive Issues

  • Pool Motor Repair

  • Pool Heater Repair

  • In-Floor Cleaning Systems

  • Leak Detection

  • Plumbing + Filter Leaks

  • Pool Cleaner/Vacuum Repair

  • Pool Filters + Filtration Issues

Replace or Install:

  • Pool Pump Replacement

  • Pool Motor Replacement

  • Upgrade to a Variable Speed Pump

  • Convert to Salt Water System

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"I called this company because my old pool pump was going out and needed a new one asap. They came out to do the work on the same day and did a fantastic job! They charged me exactly what I was told, professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and thorough. I will be having them do all my future pool repairs. The BEST!"

Heather Chavez



"Super reliable; excellent prices; will go out of their way to troubleshoot any pool issue for you; and no reason to go anywhere else. I’ve been using Sunset Pool for 7 years and have no regrets. Great job guys!"

Mic Odriscoll



"Our pool pump (motor) unexpectedly went out a little over a year after having it replaced and Brent went above and beyond in getting the parts replaced for us at a discount and installing the new motor. I really appreciate his responsiveness to our issue and taking care of this for us right away. I highly recommend this company - they take great care of their customers. Thank you again!"

Lisa Buckallew



"Sunset pool care has helped me several times on a last minute notice. They have always gone above and beyond any expectations while servicing broken parts for us. If you want courteous knowledgeable people, give these guys a call!"

AZ Rider



Pool Pump Repair

Repair, Replace or Install

Pool pump not turning on, or not working? In most instances repairing existing pool equipment is the most cost effective solution for a homeowner.  At Sunset Pool Care our trained expert technicians can fix most broken and malfunctioning equipment issues including pool pumps.

However, sometimes replacing a pool pump is the only solution, and we can do that for you as well.

Want to Upgrade to a Variable Speed Pump?


Sunset Pool Care can also upgrade your equipment and install a variable speed pool pump for your pool. A single speed pool pump is the home's No. 2 energy user for most homeowners. According to SRP your single-speed pool pump could cost you up to $500 to $600 per year to operate. You can reduce this expense by more than half with a variable-speed pool pump.


Variable-speed pumps save energy because they can be programmed to operate at a variety of speeds to deliver the correct flow needed for each task required to operate your pool. A pump that can run at only one speed must be sized large enough to run the most intensive task — typically a waterfall or pool cleaner. However, it takes far less energy to simply keep water filtered. Variable-speed pool pumps can be programmed to operate at a much slower speed to filter your pool's water, saving energy and money.

Pool Filter Repair

Repair, Replace or Install

Is your filter old? Leaking? Are parts hard to find?  It might be time to upgrade to a new filtration system.  Our experts can help determine the right filter for your pools needs, helping to increase water clarity while reducing the amount of time spent maintaining your pool.

Salt Water Systems

Repair or Install

When a salt water system is installed the pool water is still sanitized with chlorine, the difference is the chlorine is produced by a cell that is plumbed into your pool equipment which then reacts with salt that is added to the pool. Salt water systems offer many benefits.  No more carrying and handling chlorine tablets, silky soft water that is easy on the eyes, skin and hair and the ability to keep consistent chlorine sanitizing levels even when the pool is ignored for extended periods of time.

Pool Equipment Repair

Repair or Install

In most instances repairing existing pool equipment is the most cost effective solution for a homeowner.  At Sunset Pool Care our trained expert technicians can fix most broken and malfunctioning equipment issues.  If you are having a pool issue that isn't listed above please ask, chances are if it has to do with your pool, we can fix it.

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