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Why You Should Never Hang Lights Over The Pool

Yes, it looks pretty - all those pictures on Pinterest with beautiful backyards, perfectly manicured trees and shrubs with a gorgeous, elaborate pool deck that's home to custom crafted patio furniture...and the romantic string of lights carefully draped over the pool reflecting twinkling spots of light over the water.

But you should NEVER EVER hang lights over water. Here's why.

1. You probably plugged those lights into a GFCI outlet, so if those lights come falling down into the water you won't get electrocuted. But if you didn't...well, you can guess the rest. It's never good when water and electricity mix.

2. How are you going to change a light bulb when it burns out? Are you going to lean over the water and hope you don't fall in while messing with electricity? Unstring the entire setup?

3. That pool brush has an awfully long pole - and your pool service techs (maybe that's even you) doesn't have eyes on the back of their head to look backwards and up when using it. You can be carefully and cautiously cleaning the pool - and still break a light bulb with the back of your pole.

4. How are you going to clean the glass out of the pool if a light bulb breaks? It's clear glass, so how can you be sure it's all out and safe for swimming? What about the next time you reach your hand in to clean the skimmer basket - is there leftover broken glass caught in there?

5. Monsoon season in AZ brings in heavy gusting winds and rain...and it can cause your string of lights to become unattached from their high perch. Again, you risk electricity in water or broken bulbs on patio decking and in the pool water.

It might not be Pinterest-perfect, but sticking with the underwater lights that are installed into your pool is always the better alternative to above the pool strings of lights. Built-in pool lights are designed to be safe around water, they're grounded and provide plenty of light for swimming.

Best of all, if you need your built-in pool light changed, you can call a pool service company to do it for you.

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